Whether you're hearing noises when changing gears, or something...

Whether you're hearing noises when changing gears, or something just feels 'not right', or you are in doubt that something is not right or you think that your clutch is faulty our technicians will conduct a comprehensive check of your clutch system to be able to diagnose it and advise you if your clutch is fine or faulty.

If you do need clutch repairs, we will always give you a full quote before we start work. We will even show you the problem part before we fix it.  We use OE quality (original equipment) same as main dealers suppliers.

If your car clutch feel unusual or like there's something wrong? Book a free, no-obligation clutch inspection with us.

Or for a free health check on your vehicle please contact us:

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Your car’s transmission is one of the most important parts of your car. Without a transmission, the power created by the engine could not reach the drive wheels. Basically, your car wouldn’t move.

The transmission is what transfers the engine’s power to the wheels. By transferring the engine’s power to the wheels, your car can move.

On today’s vehicles, there are three types of transmissions – manual transmission, semi-automatic transmission and automatic transmission.



On modern vehicles it is becoming increasingly common that when a clutch and slave cylinder is replaced the slave cylinder mainly benefits are:

  • Lighter pedal pressures allowing a more comfortable drive
  • Self adjusting system prolonging the life of your clutch
  • Less moving parts which means there are less items to wear or fail.


The flywheel is piece of metal fitted in to the crankshaft between the engine and the clutch. Its purpose is to help provide a smooth transfer of power from the engine to the drive train. In essence, the flywheel gives you a smoother driving experience.

Dual Mass Flywheel

These are essential components that allow an enhanced performance in the vehicles drivability. Additionally, these new components reduce harmful vibration and last much longer then a normal clutch. 

Common signs that you might need a new clutch fitted include:

  • Changing gears is difficult
  • Experiencing irregular noises
  • There's a rattling or grinding sound when you change gears
  • You can rev the engine, but your car barely increases in speed
  • Engine revs climb or fall seemingly at random
  • The clutch may seem to 'slip' causing a loss of acceleration, or a complete loss of drive
  • Vibration


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