When it comes to gearbox repairs, we do our best to offer you the best

Common Issues you may experience with your car gearbox include

  • Not selecting gear
  • Dropping out of the gear
  • Gearbox not responding in Drive or gear
  • Noisy gearbox (whining – crunching)

Gearbox Repairs

There are all sorts of things that can go wrong with your vehicle’s gearbox. Sometimes it isn't quite the gearbox but your clutch that needs replacing; other times it is everything! When it comes to gearbox repairs, we do our best to offer you the best service at a reasonable price.

A faulty gearbox can drastically impact the performance of your vehicle, as it plays a vital part of it's mechanical operation, Therefore it is of great importance that your gearbox is kept in optimum condition in order to maintain your vehicle's performance. 

Gearbox Repairs

About Our Gearbox Repair Service

Our first instinct is not to replace your entire gear box. Before we do that, we need to know the reason for the problems. Part of this is asking you for any noticeable changes in performance or having our technicians drive your car to find out the issue. From there, we can determine whether the gearbox needs replacing or if you just need it repairing.

This also helps us make sure the fault does lie with the gearbox. There are many parts that make up this crucial part of a manual or automatic car, including the clutch.

Our highly trained technicians can confidently diagnose any issues with your gearbox, with the help of the latest specialist computer diagnostic equipment. We are committed to offering a high quality gearbox repair service. If you need more information then please contact us and our staff will do everything possible to help.

We provide several options to rectify a faulty gearbox, replacing with a new gearbox or replacing with a re-conditioned gearbox. Our technicians fit Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approved parts only.

We only use trusted suppliers and will get the parts for your specific gearbox to protect your manufacturer’s warranty where possible. If you are worried about any of this then please let us know or contact us for more details:

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Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in gearbox repairs. We believe in quality for all your repairs while keeping them at an affordable price.


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