Do I have to get my car serviced from the main Dealer Or Will my manufacturer's warranty be invalidated if I don't have my car serviced by my dealer?

No - Since Block Exemption legislation was introduced in 2003 any established VAT registered garage will be able to carry out servicing using Original Equipment (OE) equivalent parts, which ensures your warranty is protected.

We are confident that our (OE) menu services and procedures not even meet, but will exceed manufacturer standards, however in a very small number of cases a manufacturer's service may be required to protect your warranty. Please consult with us when booking the manufacturer's service so you can get advice accordingly.

  • We use only the best Oils and Lubricants – Premium Fully Synthetic Helix Shell Oil.  
  • OE - Original Equipment Filters & Parts used.
  • Service prices start:
    • Interim Service from £95
    • Full Service from £165
  • Complimentary Exterior and Interior Valet included with any service.


Actual offer: 

10% OFF for Full Service. Quote, reference ACCDISCOUNT for your discount (Has to be mentioned at the time of booking). These offers are not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. 


For a quote or free advice, please contact us:

  • Quick inquiry or Get a Quote, someone from our team will contact you shortly or at a time that suit’s you.
  • Call us on 01753 850 539
  • Alternatively, visit our Centre for the best information and advice possible with no obligation.

Servicing Checklist

What's included in my Service

Please Note:

  • This service schedule is for all vehicles that the manufacturer’s warranty has now expired.
  • Manufacturer’s service schedule MUST be used and should be consulted with us priory for vehicles that are still in the manufacturer’s warranty period as your manufactures warranty maybe be void if manufacturers service schedule is not followed and performed. 
GENERAL CHECKSInterim 6.000 Miles or 6 MonthFull 12.000 Miles or 12 MonthMajor 24.000 Miles or 24 Month
Check bodywork for damage and number plate condition.             
Conduct road test of vehicle and report if necessary. 
Check wipers and washers condition and operation (top up if required).
Check operation of external lights.
Carry out battery test, lubricate connections. 
Visual inspections of HT (high tension) leads. 
Check headlamp alignment.  
Check dashboard warning lights.
Check glow/heater plug warning lamp where fitted. 
Check alternator output and check security.  
Test starter motor cranking operation and security.  
Lubricate door hinges and catches where appropriate. 
Replace pollen / cabin filter. 
Check seatbelt operation.  
Check air conditioning operation. (if applicable)  
Add Premium Engine Flush - perform engine running to clean oil system and drain oil.  
Replace engine oil with fresh Premium Fully Synthetic Oil as per engine oil car specification of particular model/engine.
Replace oil filter.
Replace air filter. 
Replace fuel filter (if external from tank) *  
Check and advice for oil leaks.
Check coolant level and top up if required.
Check radiator and hoses condition. 
Check coolant cap seals.  
Check for unusual engine noise. 
Check condition drive belts (excluding timing belt) 
Replace spark plugs advised (petrol engines only) at extra cost - Separate quote available   
Check and record antifreeze strength and minimum temperature and top up coolant as required 
Drain out cooling system and replace coolant to correct specification at extra cost - Separate quote available *   
Check condition and security of undertray.
Check brake pads for wear or damage.
Check brake servo operation. 
Visually check brake callipers / hoses (security leaks and wear).
Check brake fluid (top up if required).
Replace brake fluid and bleed system at extra cost - Separate quote available *   
Check operation of handbrake.  
Check brake discs for wear, cracks, corrosion and scoring or pitting (excluding internal drums).
Check power steering fluid.(top up if required)
Check visually condition road springs.
Check steering / suspension components for wear and corrosion.
Check steering rack gaiters, CV boot condition.
Check visually shock absorbers and mountings function.
Check wheel bearings (noise/roughness and play)
Check gearbox mount (where possible) 
Check sway bars, links, tie rods & bushes. 
Visualy check fuel lines for security / leaks / condition. 
Check fuel flap function breathers and cap. 
Check visually fuel tank straps and security. 
Check for correct clutch operation.
Check clutch fluid level (if applicable).  
Check for correct gearbox operation. 
Check drive shafts and gaiters security for leaks.
Check gearbox fluid level and top up where applicable and not sealed.  
Check for transmission oil leaks.
Check clutch cable (if applicable). 
Inspect exhaust system including catalyst if fitted for leaks and noise.
Visual check for exhaust smoke.
Check tyres condition and thread depth including spare.
Check and adjust tyre pressures. 
Check for uneven wear and report if Wheel Alignment / Tracking.
Refit road wheels to manufacturers torque specification.  
Check for timing belt (cambelt) replacement interval and report if replacement due according to a mileage or age 
Perform computer diagnostic test and report accordingly.  
Reset vehicle service light where applicable.
Stamp service book (According to a service has been performed).
Complimentary Valet.
* Extra cost - not included in the price.✔ 


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